IT’S SPRING in Minnesota, green is everywhere and in every shade,

but it is not green peace in our woods behind the Monastery.Scan0016

 A baby owl fell into a window well at the back of our building, and evidently mom and dad flew in to comfort the youngster.

Sister Margaret called the Minnesota Raptor Center and a young volunteer was sent to the rescue. 

All is well.  Well, not exactly. 

There is a feathery fight going on between the crows and the owls, the crows resenting the territorial takeover of the owls.  

“Add insult to injury,” the Minnesota Raptor Center is sending over an orphan owl to join the first family.  Stay tuned.


Along with Spring in Minnesota comes Garlic Mustard



Garlic Mustard is an invasive species and is on the “noxious weed” list of the Department of Natural Resources.  The Confirmation Class from Assumption Parish  and some of the dads spent their Saturday removing this over eager weed from our woods.

The Pope and Padre Serra

Scan0012 Scan0011 Scan0010

Papa Francisco is coming to the East Coast.

While in Washington D.C. The Pope will present ceremonially to the Catholic community Padre Serra as a holy person before God.

If you would like to read the words and commentary from this amazing friar here are three of best books recently published.



Catching Up

FSCN1139It is the day after Pentecost Sunday, and this year known throughout the United States as Memorial Day.

How could we not remember back to the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord, LIFE in the Lord with the promise of life everlasting.

Our Pascal Candle was painted by our dear friend and often lector Doug Westendorp.

Our Cross, designed by John Buscemi, invites us to walk with the Lord through the cross to fullness of life.


Election Time at the Monastery





 Election time at the


Bishop Peché and Sisters, Joanne and Betty from Little Falls Franciscans, were with us for triennial community elections.

This photo followed a celebratory meal.  The Bishop pulled out his smart phone and was taking pictures.

Open House at St. Clare’s Monastery

DSCN1088 (300x225)Pope Francis invites Religious Sisters and Brothers during this year of consecrated life to a fresh way of being:

 “The Church must be attractive. Wake up the world!

Be witnesses of a different way of acting, of living!

It is possible to live differently in this world …

It is this witness I expect from you!” Pope Francis.

On Sunday, February 8, individuals and families came for our open house at the Monastery.         

Jackson and Alison Clare came to find out about our foundress, St. Clare of Assisi. 

The Alvarado family (Kevin, their oldest son, was taking the photo) wanted to see where their mom and dad come to Mass on Saturday mornings and to meetings of ACTS Women and Men during the week.  Judy Miller, the chef at Franciscan Retreats, brought sweet bread and bars for the visitors.

DSCN1091 (300x215)

A New Year: fresh in prayer and presence


Raise up, O God, men and women who are leaders of peace.

As with Moses, who gave us the law,

And Samson gave his strength,

David was an example of courage,

Solomon was filled with wisdom and built the Temple to your glory.

Raise up also in our day, Lord,

wise, strong, courageous, and peaceful leaders to help mold your people

into a living Temple and lead us to your promised land.

Bless us with the vision of Isaiah to beat swords into plowshares,

Give us the compassion of Jeremiah to weep and comfort your people,

And imprint within us the bravery of Daniel to praise you even in the midst of oppression and hardship.

Grant us the devotion of Ruth

The commitment of Esther

The humility of Mary

Peter’s faith and Paul’s zeal

To build a new world of justice, peace, mercy and kindness and to  lead your people there.  We ask this in your most holy name.


FSCN1058 (640x480)

Jean and Martin

unnamed[2] (2) (500x500)                                        Many of you know Jean Molesky-Poz.  Jean blessed our house with a visit at the end of Oct.  A few weeks later her marvelous husband, Martin, was in Bloomington translating for five immigrant families before the Fort Snelling immigration court.  He is a specialist in three Maya languages and is flown all over the US as translator.  He had just time for a bowl of chile and a plate of rice here at the monastery before he had to be at the airport to board his flight to Boston where he would translate for more immigrant families. Martin is a true American hero.

Remembrance and Celebrating

FSCN1044 (640x480)

Sister Cecilia was with us as we remembered the 60th year anniversary of Poor Clare  community life here in Bloomington, Minnesota.  We were also celebrating the feast day of Sister Cecilia.  Our Franciscan brother,  Anthony Crisitelli,  presided at Eucharist. followed by a lively Community meal.

Teach Us to Pray


This night our Community room is open to eighty 15 year olds who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  They want to learn how to pray.  After a presention and Q and A we processed outside through the dark, cold night singing a Taize mantra and into the Chapel, the spiritual fireplace of our monastery. We prayed psalms 95 and 96 antiphonally, listened to a short Scripture reading, then closed our eyes, attending to the Holy Spirit breathing in us and prayed silently for 15 minutes.















I love the highlighted words from the last letter to all the Poor Clares from Friar Michael Perry:

“Like Jesus, be ‘accessible,’ ready to receive whoever draws close to you.”  And again, “Be a mirror of His mercy so that the meeting with Truth can liberate.”