Our Sisters visit from the Cities

On Sunday the Pro Ecclesia Sancta Sisters joined us for Eucharist followed by dinner and a short tour of  beautiful Assisi Heights,  Motherhouse of the Rochester Franciscans.  Our young Sisters are busy with their youth apostolate  at schools and parishes.  Postulant Mattie will soon leave for Lima to join five other young women as they begin their novitiate.

Saturday evening party with Kate

The Sisters gathered on the Third Floor sun porch to celebrate Sr. Margaret’s birthday.So many of you have reached out to us with words and gifts in our move to Rochester.  This beautiful bouquet of Kalanchos comes from our Poor Clare Sisters in Spokane.

Assisi Heights, Third Floor Admin.

This is our oratory where the Clares pray the Office throughout the day.  Eucharist is celebrated in the magnificent Lourdes Chapel, stepping stone to heaven.  We hope that you will join us there some Sunday. 

The Best of Christmas Gifts


Our dear Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta here with us at 8650 for the signing over of our beloved Monastery to our young Sisters.

Around the Monastery before Christmas

Bill Weldon stopped by with Conner and  Quinn on there way to take on Santa at the Mall of America.  Sister Catherine is trying out her baby-whispering skills. Pro Ecclesia Sancta Postulant, Matty and our dear friend Joyce are helping with the decorating.Behind the Camera is Sister Cynthia.

Christmas Card Blog Post

“After the earliest chapel bells, before the first light begins its revelation of the landscape, I wait in the empty country of the stars…”  



Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta

     The News is out.  The beautiful Sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta will be moving into our precious monastery as we leave for Assisi Heights.  We have been in dialog with them for many months.  Only God could give us such fine young women to carry on the life of prayer here, and from here to offer apostolic service in our Archdiocese.           The female branch of Pro Ecclesia Sancta was founded in Peru only 25 years ago.  Their numbers have grown steadily and they have missions as far away as Spain.

Sisters Gabriel and Eileen are in conversation, while Sister Jo and Sister Frances are talking across the circle with Sisters Fabiola, Helen, Emy, Margaret and Cinthya.

Srs Emy, Gabriel, Fabiola and Eileen; Srs. Fabiola, Helen, Eileen, Jo and Emy.

                  Sister Julieta is front and center.  Hail, hail the Gangs all Here!

Getting into the spirit, hard hats and all.

Here we all are in our construction finery!  Mr. Don DeCramer, project director  of the renovation of our community home on third floor, invited us to go down to Assisi Heights to see the progress of the reconstruction of our wing.  The stipulation of the invitation was that we must wear hard hats, vests and sensible shoes.  Kathy Gatliff, director of Communications & Public Relations at Assisi Heights,  took these great photos.  



November, the month to remember.

The community gathered at Resurrection Cemetery to pray and sing with Sister Anne at her grave site. It is almost two years since her death. Her presence is very much here among us at the Monastery in Bloomington, and we are sure that she is blessing us with strength and courage in our move to Rochester, as we do what is necessary in caring for the needs of our Sisters.

Remembering Sister Anne this November.















The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

It is the Feast of Francis.  Tonight we celebrate Francis as he goes to God with all creation.

Come and pray with us at 7 pm on Tuesday, October 3rd here at the Monastery.

The Celebration of the Eucharist is at 10 am October 4th.

Last Journey for this pilgrim, last leaving for this homeless wander; now, it is into the sea behind his Moses, his Lord, his love, into possession of the promised land where he too, will be clothed in light.
This crossing will be a simple one: the wars are done.  The winds of love sweep mightily, across the midnight sea.  Barefoot and blind, singing, he steps onto dry sands that sparkle gold, beneath his wounded feet.    Thank you Sister Kate.